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Mahalaxmi Agro & food proccesing is a part of mahalaxmi group company . established in gujrat . company has food ingrident plant based on agro food products like corn grits,corn meal ,corn flour,maize grit ,cattel feed . having capacity of 3000 tpm . promoter are technically and commercially well qualified and having 10 years of business experience in the same field.

warehousing and packging are two essential factors upon which our company focuses upon.operational work taking place within the department of packaging and warehousing,are carried out well by team of professionals we focus on the safety of food products which is why we store corn flor,maize bran and much more in large sized storage system at the warehouse.details pertatinig to incoming and outgoing of the stock is well documented by expert storekeeper with sher perfection.unpacked food products are being filled with impure contents.inorder to serve our clients serve the best and safer to consume,our company uses finest packaging material.these materials keep offerings safe during storage and transportation.


Why choose us ?

Mahalaxmi agroour production unit is strategically situated in the prime location of near bayad therefore. faces no issue regarding the thansportation of consignment.our factory infrastructure is design such that processing,raw material storage area and finished good storage ,all are in separate building but one premises to safeguard the processing area and finished goods from any kind of contaminationall our staff memers are qualified and hold expertise in their respective field from procurement of raw material till the dispatch of end products.

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Mahalaxmi Agro

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Marketing 75%
Production 80%
Infrastructure 85%
Field Manager 70%

To be a one of the reputed food ingredient company providing nutrition,taste and wellness to everyone.

Technology is something
which is contributed majorly

in agriculture sector by introducing hi –tech agriculture machinery which help the farmer In farming thus,save time ,cost and efforts.considering the signification of technogy in this perticuler sector,we make use of international technology and world class equipment for the processing of food products.we have set –up fully automatic production plant for the cleaning ,sorting,grinding,processing and performing other activities with exicellence .high leval hygiene is maintained in our production facility which makes it dust free and appropriate for producing food items.


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